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''In a post-modern era often characterised by various aesthetic movements, it is especially enriching to encounter an artist like Roger Steptoe, who possesses a fresh and individual voice at once original, accessible and adventurous.''
The New Groves Dictionary of Music and Musicians 2000

''Son écriture, tout en affirmant l'independance d'un caractère original, ne renie rien de l'actuel contexte extraordinairement fécond, pas plus qu'il ne rejette les maîtres qui l'ont précédé et qui ne cessent de le nourrir.''
La Montagne, Centre France, Clermont-Ferrand


Roger Steptoe is considered to be one of the most respected British musicians of his generation. A composer with an international reputation, his catalogue of works includes chamber music, concertos, song cycles and instrumental sonatas. [more..]

Roger Steptoe compte parmi les musiciens britanniques les plus respectés de sa génération. Compositeur de renommée internationale, son catalogue comprend des œuvres de musique de chambre, des concertos, des cycles vocaux et des sonates instrumentales. [plus..]

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AS YOU LIKE IT - a new opera

April 21st will see the curtain rise on the world premiere of Roger Steptoe’s second full-length opera, As You Like It. The work was commissioned by Opera Notre Dame for the University of Notre Dame, Indiana (USA) with funds provided by the St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Fund.

The libretto, which is based on Shakespeare’s play of the same name, is by Lesley Fernandez-Armesto, wife of the distinguished world historian and writer.

The opera is in two acts and 12 scenes and stays faithful to Shakespeare’s play and uses his original words.

“I’ve set quite a lot of Shakespeare’s poetry to music,” says the composer. “Most recently five songs for tenor and piano, and then the Four Sonnets for baritone and string orchestra. This opera has been a huge challenge to condense a long play and many characters into two acts without removing the essentials of the plot, the wit and the main characters.”

The opera is dedicated to the memory of Father Theodore Hesburgh 1917-2015, the 15th President of the University of Notre Dame (1952-1987).

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